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Scheduled Outages

There are no scheduled outages

SCAM ALERT: What has been reported and…

Scammers have been using the phone and email to try to get personal information and steal from our customers, often claiming to be the PUD or another agency to get people to trust them. If at any time you are unsure if a call is from us, HANG UP and call our number back. Even if we are the ones…
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Energy Assistance Programs Available

For those struggling to pay energy bills, Okanogan County PUD works with many community partners to offer customer support programs. We have a full list of programs available, as well as agency contacts on our Energy Assistance page.  Customers are welcome to contact any Okanogan County PUD…
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Facebook Feed

  • February 22nd at 11:45am

    PUD Board of Commission Meeting

  • February 18th at 7:40am

    8:30 a.m. Quick fix, every should be back on. We currently have another outage on the Omak Flats. A crew is on the way. Turkeys have been reported in the area. They don’t mix well with power lines. The guys will have you back up as soon as possible.

  • February 8th at 1:59pm

    PUD Board of Commission Meeting

  • February 7th at 9:22am
    10:30 a.m. Please call your internet provider if you do not have service. The outage has been re-routed, but as reported below, some customers are still without service. 9:50 a.m. A re-route has been done and everyone should be back on. There is currently a countywide internet outage. Our phone lines are down as well because of this. They are working on the problem but it could be up to 5 hour.

  • January 24th at 4:22pm

    PUD Board of Commission Meeting

  • January 22nd at 6:50pm
    8:00 pm update: All but 3 customers have power restored. Crews are replacing a pole and those 3 should be on shortly. 7:43 pm update: Found the problem on Lumm road. Working on isolating the problem to get most customers on Spring Coulee back on. Lumm road customers will be a bit. There is currently an outage in the Spring Coulee area. Crews are currently patrolling the area. They will have you back on as soon as possible.

  • January 17th at 7:48am

    New pay-by-phone number.

  • January 15th at 3:47pm

    PUD Board of Commission Meeting

  • January 12th at 11:18am
    Due to extremely cold temperatures, household use is higher than normal. This may cause your house breakers to trip. Please check the breakers in your service panel before reporting an outage. Staff and crews are working to make sure everyone continues to have power during this extreme wind and cold.

  • December 23rd at 1:26pm

    Okanogan County PUD offices will be closed on Monday, December 25th for the Christmas holiday and Monday, January 1st for the New Year Holiday.

Planned Power Outages

Okanogan PUD will have three (3) planned power outages between Thursday, September 7th, and Thursday, September 14th. On the night of Thursday, September 7th, from Midnight to Friday, September…
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Okanogan PUD Receives over $30 Million…

Okanogan, WA, August 30, 2023 - Public Utility District No. 1 of Okanogan County (Okanogan PUD) is pleased to announce its selection as a grant recipient for the USDA's Rural Utilities Service…
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Planned Power Outage - Aeneas Valley…

August 1 & 2nd Planned Power Outages August 1st - Aeneas Valley (Upper East Valley, Frosty Creek, Moses Meadows Road, and Part of Cape Labelle. This outage is to maintain the existing line to…
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Aeneas Valley Area

There will be an approximate 6-hour planned power outage on Thursday, June 29th, 2023, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The outage is to maintain the existing line to help insure reliable power.…
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