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Commercial Programs

We have incentives for energy efficiency custom commercial projects from HVAC replacement to kitchen upgrades. There are engineers available to answer questions regarding energy-saving projects.

Incentives are available based on energy savings.

Call Energy Services at BEFORE beginning your project for pre-approval. 

Commercial Lighting 


Heat Pump Water Heaters

  1. Photo of existing electric storage water heater installed.
  2. Visit  BPA's HPWH Qualified Products List to make sure your new heat pump water heater qualifies for an incentive. Scroll down to Commercial Sector/Water heating, and click on "Heat Pump Water Heater Qualified Products List."
  3. Completed  Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Form.
  4. Invoice showing purchase date and model purchased.
  5. Photo of newly installed heat pump water heater.

Incentive amount for unitary system: Tier 1 - $300; Tier 2 - $600; Tier 3 - $600.

Incentive amount for split system: Tier 3 - $800.

Windowsnew vinyl windows

  1. Pre-inspection.

  2. Completed Commercial Window & Patio Door  Form.

  3. Completed Commercial Window Project Information  Form Two.

  4. Invoice that shows purchase date, cost and dimensions of EACH window. The dimensions MUST match what is listed on the PUD form.

  5. Sticker for EACH window showing that the U-value is 0.30 or less, OR a spec sheet showing the dimensions and that U-value of each window is 0.30 or less.

  6. Post-inspection.

Incentive amount: $18 per square foot of glass replaced. The incentive may pay up to 70% of the total cost of windows and installation. 



Ductless Heat Pumpductless heat pump example

  1. Ductless Heat Pump must have a minimum of 11.0 HSPF (efficiency level).

  2. AHRI certificate.

  3. Equipment or contractor invoice showing equipment order or purchase date, along with the installed cost.

  4. Completed  Ductless Heat Pump Project Information Form.

  5. Post-inspection.

Contact Energy Services BEFORE beginning your project for pre-approval.



Insulation - Attic & Wall

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Completed  Commercial Insulation Project Information Form.
  3. Invoice that shows purchase date, cost and square footage purchased. The square footage must NOT be less than what's on the PUD form.
  4. Post-inspection.

Incentive amount per square foot is determined by pre-existing and ending R-value.

For more information, See our