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Call Before You Dig!

RCW 19.122 requires that anyone digging deeper than 12 inches must call for locates two business days before they dig. Call before beginning any excavation to avoid damage to underground facilities, service interruptions, and bodily injury. Before you begin digging for:

  • fences
  • decks
  • trees
  • sheds
  • wells or septic tanks
  • sprinkler systems
  • shops
  • barns
  • garages
  • greenhouses
  • any project that requires excavating deeper than 12 inches
Call before you dig!

 When You Call

  • Be prepared to pinpoint the location of your dig site
  • Describe the type of work to be done
  • Plan your start date and time

Call 800 (424)-5555 or visit the Call Before You Dig website and follow their instructions two business days before you dig.

It doesn’t cost anything to call in a locate request. With one quick telephone call, all utilities in your area will be notified to come and mark the location of their lines.