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Program Information

BPA logoOkanogan County PUD receives energy efficiency incentive funding from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), where we also receive a large portion of our power. BPA and its electric utility customers have saved more than 1,750 average megawatts of electricity through energy efficiency over the last 37 years. If that was a generator, it would be second only to Grand Coulee Dam - the largest electric power producing facility in the United States.

 Energy efficiency has many values:

  1. Lower energy bills. The region saves nearly $3.5 billion in avoided electricity costs each year.

  2. Cleaner air. The Northwest has the lowest intensity of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. More than 3,600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided for each average megawatt of energy efficiency savings.

  3. Stronger economy. People, businesses and industries in the Northwest spend less money on electricity and more money in the rest of the region's economy. Implementing energy efficiency measures also requires skilled jobs.

Please call or email for pre-approval BEFORE beginning your project

 We offer energy efficiency incentives in four sectors. The method and amounts of incentive received are different for each sector. Visit the link below for more information about our incentive programs, or for more information, please contact Kim Johnson 


Check out the graphic below to see how BPA and its customers work together to make energy efficiency incentives possible!

BPA and customers fund energy efficiency programs