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Okanogan PUD Receives over $30 Million from USDA Grant to Improve Fiber Operations

Wednesday - August 30, 2023 12:00pm

Okanogan, WA, August 30, 2023 - Public Utility District No. 1 of Okanogan County (Okanogan PUD) is pleased to announce its selection as a grant recipient for the USDA's Rural Utilities Service ReConnect Program. The substantial grant, exceeding $30 million, has been awarded to Okanogan PUD to facilitate expanding and enhancing broadband services within rural Okanogan County. The generous allocation of $30 million is a significant stride towards enhancing accessible, cost-effective internet connectivity for the residents of rural Okanogan County. The proposed project will span over 300 square miles in Northeastern Okanogan County, encompassing the area from Highway 20 North to the Canadian border, and from the Okanogan River to the Easternmost edge of the PUD’s service territory near the Ferry County Border. This ambitious endeavor will significantly benefit the communities of Nine Mile, Molson, Chesaw, Havillah, and Siwash Creek. At the heart of this groundbreaking venture lies the construction of over 245 route miles of fiber optic cable, strategically woven throughout the designated project area. This deployment will empower Okanogan PUD and our partner Retail Service Providers to offer broadband access to the 745 residences and 21 businesses located along the route. Anticipated to commence in the spring of 2024, this multi-year initiative is poised to revolutionize broadband accessibility in the region. Okanogan PUD is committed to providing safe services to our community members. In furtherance of our mission, Okanogan PUD will implement additional pole replacement services and vegetation mitigation strategies for the new and existing infrastructure in the project area. About Okanogan County Public Utility District No. 1: We provide electric and broadband services to approximately 20,500 customers throughout Okanogan County. Our mission is to provide dependable public utility services at a reasonable cost, governed by and for the benefit of customers in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. For more information, please visit Any questions can be directed to the Broadband department at Okanogan PUD.