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Director of Power Resources and Broadband Services

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Ron Gadeberg
Ron Gadeberg

Ron Gadeberg has been employed by Public Utility District No. 1 of Okanogan County since January, 2006. Originally hired as Power Resource Analyst, Ron has served as Power Resource Manager and Telecom Manager since January, 2008. Gadeberg has over 15 years of business, finance and accounting experience. 

Since joining the PUD, Ron has been involved in planning and evaluating the District’s power supply needs, managing and/or negotiating contracts for the purchase, sale and transmission of power, developing short and long term financial plans and forecasting and developing annual budgets for power supply and the telecom department.

Ron is a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration specializing in Accounting. Prior to joining the PUD, he spent 13 years as Chief Financial Officer for a wholesale beverage distributor, where he was involved in all aspects of the business including accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, employee benefits, union negotiations and debt issuance.