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Director of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs

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Jeri Timm
Jeri Timm

Jeri Timm joined the Okanogan County Public Utility District in November 2015.  Originally hired as an environmental coordinator, Jeri has served as the Director of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs since July 2018.

Jeri manages multiple environmental and regulatory requirements for the District, including compliance of hazardous and dangerous waste, Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans, as well as Enloe Dam compliance and dam safety.  She is very active in industry associations and was the chair of the Environmental Task Force Committee for the Northwest Public Power Association.

Jeri is a graduate of Whitworth University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Prior to coming to the District, she was a project manager implementing complex fisheries enhancement projects, overseeing water right issues, obtaining environmental permits, and administering planning and development regulations.