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Okanogan County PUD has seen a lot of interest in residential solar installations, so we will host a Solar 101 Workshop on Wednesday, May 17, at 5:30 p.m. at out Okanogan office.

Installations have increased recently, and some solar companies are aggressively trying to sell products throughout the region. The large volume of information, advertising and sales pitches are not always accurate, so the PUD has had to combat some solar-related scams.

Net metering can also be a complicated concept – customers are producing their own electricity while still being tied to the electric grid. This requires very specific procedures and specifications, so it’s important for customers to know their system is designed to fit both their needs and the policies of their electric utility.

The workshop will feature testimonials from current solar net metering customers, sharing both benefits and challenges they have faced. The PUD will also have a display of a solar panel and meters to demonstrate how the system works on a smaller scale – attendees can watch the meter go backward.

Those interested in becoming solar net metering customers can also talk with PUD staff members about the process. No RSVP is necessary, but folks can see more details about the event on the PUD’s Facebook page, with some updates as the event gets closer.

Anyone considering adding solar to their home should contact the PUD before signing contracts or installing a system. More information can be found on the PUD’s "Solar & Net Metering" page.

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